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Tony Finocchio

Tony has been creating jewelry and metal art since his first move to Boulder in 2009.

His approach to art embodies a free spirited form of true self expression: do what you love and create work that resonates with you. Tony learned the basics of his craft from some of the best instructors in Boulder and the surrounding area, and continues to develop his skills and artistic voice through personal experimentation and advanced classes with masters in the field.

Tony divides his time between the Boulder area, Mendocino, California, and Telluride, Colorado, a place he’s called home for over 34 years. Since 2018, he has been a noted resident artist, with his jewelry available in shops and galleries throughout town. He’s created a number of signature pieces for special events and festivals in Telluride and, in the last several years, has offered wildly popular private classes through the Ah Haa School for the Arts, which caters to both kids and adults.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys playing guitar, listening to live music, reading, running, and viewing & collecting psychedelic rock poster art.