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Ling Yen Jones

My  work features, faces  inspired from the faces of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and windows like hollowform construction.

Asian faces, windows and art influence my design.  I am inspired to create my large round face bracelet. I like how it features a face and has the added elements of stones. The Windows piece is fun and features hollowform construction and amazing Australian opal which to me acts like the outside world. The pieces I make can be pleasing to wear and fun to look at. I enjoy how inspiration hits. It can be like a mirror, and I go inside and it reflects my inner self while other times it is an impulse and it feels like my soul is singing. I see it inspiring reflections in the self and soul.

My work techniques are hollow form construction, piercing, pearl knotting, handmade chain, soldering, stone setting and hand finishing.

My  work features, faces  inspired from the faces of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and windows like hollowform construction.  And feature earrings, necklaces, pins, and rings.