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JoAnn Humphrey

The beauty of the California coastal landscape is reflected in her new pieces

JOANN HAGERTY HUMPHREY has made a career for herself in the arts over the past 35 years as an entrepreneur of various media. A native of Baltimore, JoAnn obtained an MFA in sculpture from the Maryland Institute of Fine Art in 1972 and further studied at the Otis Art Institute and The Fashion Institutes of Los Angeles and New York.

After her MFA she moved her studio to Los Angeles to pursue her love of fashion and design. This lead to several successful business ventures including a line of women’s and children’s clothing, fine millinery, and custom bustier garments for theatre and dance. Her pieces have been sold throughout the US at department stores and boutiques such as Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys.

In 1997, JoAnn developed the JHH Collection, a line of unique jewelry inspired by her private collection of vintage buttons that enhance her one-of-a-kind works of art. Each piece is made from 18k gold, white gold, rose gold and semiprecious and precious stones.

Throughout her life, JoAnn has also made a career in teaching fine art to children. Following her MFA, JoAnn began teaching in local schools in the Baltimore area including the Ridge School for Emotionally and Physically Handicapped Children. She eventually created her own after-school art program that flourished within private and public schools across the Los Angeles area from 1990 to 2008.

After relocating with her husband to Fort Bragg, along the North Coast of California, JoAnn has been prolific in her production of new works in ceramics, sculpture and oil painting. The beauty of the California coastal landscape is reflected in her new pieces. Her work can be seen locally as well as at her home studio, where visits are welcome by appointment.