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Isabel Rucker

Her jewelry is hand wrought and elegant in design

Isabel Rucker is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring color, abstraction, shape, and environment. Her jewelry is hand wrought and elegant in design. It features glittering hammered surfaces and hand carved gemstones. She is passionate about the natural world and her jewelry is connected to this through regionally sourced stones that she sculpts in her Mendocino coast studio. She especially enjoys carving jade because its toughness allows it to be carved thin to reveal translucency. She works with jade from Mendocino County, the greater California coast, and the Rocky Mountains. Her metal textures recall abstract patterns and movements seen in the wild and capture glints of sunlight.

Isabel returned to the California coast from the Rocky Mountains in 2020. While in the Rockies she frequented the wilderness, expanded her jewelry portfolio, made public commissioned sculptures, and exhibited artwork. In 2017 she was a resident artist at the Jentel Foundation. Previously, she had resided in an artist community in San Francisco. She has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon where she focused on metalsmithing and she is currently studying to become a gemologist.