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Cynthia Myers

Glass Artist

Cynthia Myers art glass begins its transformation with hand-blown glass made exclusively for her by craftsmen in North Carolina, West Virginia, and Brazil.

After receiving the glass and giving it a thorough inspection for any flaws such as air bubbles or hairline cracks, Cynthia adheres resist tape to the surface and draws an intricate design.

The design, itself, must take into account where any shadows might fall, being careful not to create a pattern where too many elements overlap. Once this step is completed she cuts the tape with a razor knife, following the lines of her artwork.

Then the glass is taken inside her sandblasting booth, where Cynthia’s 25 years of experience comes into play. As she removes the tape from each grape, flower petal, and feather, sandblasting them one at a time, Cynthia gently etches in the design she had originally invisioned on the once blank vase.