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Conni Mainne

Design is the Voice of My Creativity

“I feel strongly about the positive role artists play in society. I believe in the importance of bringing beauty into the world.”

Nature inspires Conni Mainne, especially in the verdant environment of Mendocino on California’s northern coastline which she calls home. Her keen sense of grace and line and her affinity with sacred geometry are reflected in the lyrical forms she creates in 18k gold and a new blend of silver and 5% platinum. The striking shapes found in botanicals, surf, nautilus, clouds, stars and moon infuse Conni’s jewelry with a mystical quality of the natural world.

“As I think about the word beauty, it becomes synonymous with grace. In essence, jewelry should grace the wearer. The wearer chooses, moment to moment, what ornament might grace them anew. A personal moment. A creative moment that wearer and maker share.”